With our Personal Mentoring category we focus on three aspects of your life:
1.Health Wellness
2.Mental Wellness
3.Wealth Wellness*

(*)We do not offer Wealth Management.

We mentor people, families & corporate employees with self-transformation, motivation & growth and focus on improving overall performance in all sectors of life. We offer healing from negativity and assist with stress management, behavioral change, relief from depression. We aim to improve relationships at all levels – individual, family, & work. We help enhance productivity, job satisfaction & goals.

For your independent needs we have customized three packages to choose from:

  1. Personal Mentoring (Monthly) – ADD TO CART
    • $99.00 / month for 12 months with $21.00 sign-up fee
  2. Personal Mentoring (Quarterly) – ADD TO CART
    • $83.33 / month for 6 months with $21.00 sign-up fee
  3. Personal Mentoring (Yearly) – ADD TO CART
    • $75.00 / month for 12 months with $21.00 sign-up fee