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Why We Do What We Do?

Certainly it is applaudable that many millionaires and billionaires create donation systems within their companies for either internal or external charities or both. They make money in the beginning to satisfy their needs and wants in this life. Then most of them who realize that their Journey in this life is almost over or once they are satisfied, they decide which charity is worthy enough to receive their money. The Divine instructed us to not wait until the end to decide who deserves our earnings as right from the inception our goal is to serve others financially. There are many people in need now. We want to help Humanity now not later. So in that spirit we are donating a portion of our earnings, from the start, to charity in a daily, ongoing effort to support Humanity worldwide unconditionally.

Our Mission

“To serve life challenged people by assisting them to rise from the darkness and shine into the lightness and thereby granting life gratitude, dignity, and joy through financial freedom so they can attempt to achieve Bliss”.™  

  • We have filed to be bonded & registered with Texas Secretary of State to offer Credit Repair Services.
  • We provide service from our corporate headquarters in Irving, TX.

Our Slogan

No Soul Left Behind™

Our Commitment

We are committed to bringing joy to others.

Our Promise

You will see wonders in your life through our services.

The Bottom Line

We Are A Not-For-Profit Oriented, Soul-Focused, Life Saving & Financial Education Organization assisting worldwide!!!

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