Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method available to interested parties seeking faster, less expensive, & voluntary resolution through a neutral party (mediator). When parties are unwilling or unable to resolve any disputes, there are several options such as Mediation, Arbitration & Litigation. All of these options are equally suitable depending upon the willingness of involved parties to undertake usage of resources like time, money & other resources.

Mediation can be a good option as it is overall cost-effective providing short-term and structured process.

According to research performed by industry experts 80% mediation cases are confirmed settled.

Why you should Mediate?

  • Less expensive than Litigation & Arbitration.
  • Mediation results in enforceable contracts.
  • Faster and time saving.

Who performs Mediation?

A neutral third-party appointed and approved by all parties.

What to expect in Mediation?

  • During Mediation, a neutral third-party oversees all communications, understand expectation of all parties and help involved parties to come to a common understanding to defuse situations, resolve issues and bring a resolution.
  • All agreements made by parties including the final resolution becomes an effective contract between involved parties.
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