How to become an insurance agent in Georgia:

Pre-exam Education

The state of Georgia requires 40 hours of pre-exam education per line of authority.  These courses can be taken online or in-person.  Keep the certificate to add to the license application.

License Exam

The state of Georgia groups Life, Accident, and Sickness together in one exam and then groups Property and Casualty into another exam.  Each exam has 80 questions and there is no time limit on completing the exam(s).  The passing score is 70%.  The fee per exam, per attempt is $63.  If you fail an exam, then there is a two week waiting period before you can take the exam again.  If you fail the exam 3 times then the pre-education requirement has to be fulfilled again with a different provider.  The passing document needs to be kept so it can be added to the license application.

Fingerprint and Background Check

After the fingerprinting process is done then a background check is completed.  The fingerprint fee is $53.  They will give you a fingerprint card that will be needed for the license application process. 

Citizenship Affidavit

A citizenship affidavit needs to be filled out online at the Georgia Insurance PDF Department.  The completed document needs to be saved as a PDF file so that it can be added the license application.

License Application

Apply online for all lines of authority.  The online application fee is $115 per line of authority.  Upload the required documents ie: passed exam document, fingerprint card, and the citizen affidavit.  Once the application is approved, the license will be issued within 7-10 business days.  An email will be sent to confirm the license status.

License Renewal

The license expires every 2 years on the last day of the agent’s birth month.  The state of Georgia requires 24 hours of continuing education per each renewal period.  3 of those hours has to be covered by an Ethics or a Consumer Protection course.  You can start the renewal process within 60 days of the expiration date.  All renewals have to be done online with an application fee of $100.

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