We offer three distinctive Coaching packages\program:

The Discovery Package

The goal of this package is to uncover your Core Guiding Principles and clarify your vision to help you move forward with laser focus and it takes about a month to complete.

​The Kickstarter Program

Kickstarter coaching programs involve 7 months of your commitment to re-imagining and revolutionizing your life – 1 month of “discovery” where you create a vision and set goals, and 6 months of making them a reality.

Why 7 months? 

Usually, a lot of wonderful changes and growth occurs within the first three months of the program. As you make progress, certain belief systems or fears may kick in. Have you ever noticed in the past that when things start to get really good, you backslide into old habits, leaving you feeling frustrated and defeated? It is important to address that inner Self-Saboteur and maintain your momentum so your progress is here to stay for the long term. Continuing to work with us as your coach helps to lock in your vision and keep you on track for reaching the important goals you have set for yourself. 

The Momentum Package

After completion of the Kickstarter Program, you can choose to continue with a Momentum Package. This follow-up package is intended to (you guessed it!) keep up the great momentum you built in your first 7 months of coaching. We will work with you to design your own personalized package based on what you need. This may be an intensive program now that you accomplished several goals, you are ready to take on a huge mission, or simply a few check-ins to hold accountability or work through some questions that may pop up.