Majestic Royal
Shri Rudraji

Our Founder says “Bringing Happiness To Others Is My Personal Business”.


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Coaching and Mentoring

Rise to the occasion with the support system you need to be successful.

Financial and Consulting

Shine in life with stress free solutions for financial concerns.

Friendship and Networking

Live life with friends and connections that will uplift you.

Motivational And Financial Powerhouse

At Rise-N-Shine Life we are focused on:

  • Success
  • Invoking Joy
  • Conquering Financial Freedom
  • Fulfilling Your Soul Purpose
  • Tools
  • Strategies
  • Divine Wisdom
  • Humble Intent
  • Welcoming Mindset
  • Positivity
  • Unconditional Support
  • Gracious Care

We aid your life to bring completeness, cohesiveness, and celebrations. LET'S CELEBRATE TOGETHER!

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Initiative of

Royal Shri Rudraji

Create and Support Happy, Joyful Souls

Check out the videos below. Life is easier than you think.

Life Questions

Life Empowerment

Life Concerns

Life Transformation

Life Problems

Life Opportunities

Life Issues

Life Control

Life Regrets

Life Satisfaction

Life Planning

Life Insurance

What he does

How Royal Shri Rudraji shares his inbuilt Primordial divinity with you:


Your Support System & Gift From God

Invoke Soul

  • Transform Your Life
  • Achieve Dreams & Desires
  • Discover Soul Purpose
Attend Seminar

Invoke Super Powers

  • Awaken & Ignite Soul Power
  • Max-out Human Capabilities
  • Be the God/Goddess You Are
Attend Seminar

Invoke Wealth

  • Activate & Supersede Prosperity
  • Amplify Good Luck & Success
  • Rejuvenate Destined Wealth
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Motivational Packages

Motivational packages


$15.99 /per month

7 Days Free Trial

$18.99 /per month

7 Days Free Trial
Take off

$25.99 /per month

7 Days Free Trial
Global Divine Initiative
We inspire you to be Stress free, Kind, Healthy, Prosperous & Blissful!" larger font,
"Watch the videos below to learn more about the Global Divine Initiatives (GDI)
Everyone Deserves An OPPORTUNITY

To Rise-N-Shine From The Heart!

Even The Millionaires Depends On Support System! Allow Yourself To Be Uplifted By Our Services!

Don't End Up Becoming a Sad Story! Create an Uplifting History!™

Be Part Of Our Global Family…

Rise-N-Shine Life Club

Join RNS Life Club


  • 2 Friendship sessions
  • All services 50% discounted (excluding Life/Health insurance)
  • Make 5% for 5, 10% for 10, 20% for 20 referring people
  • Market Rise-N-Shine Life Services to earn extra on side
  • Edit Volunteer 5 hours/week at the center & save 25% on monthly rns life club fees.
  • And many more...

Powerful, Pragmatic and Reliable Social Platforms (PPRSP)

My MIE Journey™

  • Re-invent Yourself
  • Overcome Obstacles
  • Gain Self-Confidence
  • Have a Reason to Succeed
  • Receive Unconditional Support.

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My Boundless Income™

  • Find Multiple Streams of Income
  • Explore Unlimited Potential
  • Gain Financial Freedom
  • Have Stress-Free Retirement
  • Receive Unconditional Support

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My Cool Life™

  • Earn Good Deeds
  • Live Humbly
  • Enjoy an Energetic Lifestyle
  • Share Your Wealth
  • Increase Divinity

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